The book that will play tricks with your eyes and games with your mind.

Are you a firm believer in the irrefutable laws of physics, where everything has to have a reason or has to add up? How about coming out of your logical world for a moment and looking upon a different kind of science, “The Science of Perception”. This kind of science is fascinating; it opens a new dimension as to how we see something that is not adding up in our logical mind. This first edition of a series of five books will give you a little taste into “The Science of Perception”.

In this amazing edition, images will change in front of your eyes. It will also give you ideas how to create your own optical illusions, by using the science of perception and it demonstrates how to balance a coin on  the edge of a bank note.


The book with two halves, two front covers, two beginnings and no back page.

Have you ever looked at something and then taken a second look because you are not quite sure of what you have seen? This unique edition of MYSTIFY YOUR MIND is full of images that need that second look.

For example, in this edition you will come across what appears to be an image of a lake, surrounded by country hills. The image is so clear that the lake appears to be there. The twist is; there is no lake. What seems to be a lake is a wall. Also in this quirky edition, you will experience how camouflage on an animal’s fur can really deceive the predator in its environment.  There are quite a few animal illusions in this edition.

This edition of MYSTIFY YOUR MIND is a little quirky compared to the other editions. This book has two front covers, two beginnings, no last page or back cover. Also, to add flavour to this book, the images on the two middle pages can be looked at from two different perspectives, depending on which side of the book you’re looking at them from.


The Art of Optical Illusions will paint more than a thousand words.

Pictures may paint a thousand words…but do they always tell the truth? Human perception is primarily visual perception. No other sensory organ processes more information for us than our eyes. Our eyes enable us to see what surrounds us. However the images we perceive in this book will take you deeper than what the image first portrays. This edition of MYSTIFY YOUR MIND is an amazing gallery on the beautiful Art of Optical Illusions. You will experience amazing images which paint more than a thousand words.

Tricks of the eyes are legend and they occur in various forms. Their common root lies in our perception. Even when we are aware that our eyes are playing tricks on us, it can be almost impossible to correct the wrong perception.


The book that gives you Halloween at your finger tips.

It’s amazing how people love to be spooked; you only need to look upon how popular Halloween is. This edition of MYSTIFY YOUR MIND will give you Halloween at your finger tips. Each image has a spooky theme that may give you a bit of a chill down your spine.

In this edition, you will see an image of a hidden ghost within a family portrait, you will experience eyes that shift as you move the book away, and you will see creepy images of faces t hidden in the image. You can also do amazing experiments such as getting a ghost to appear on a wall, right in front of your eyes. All images are light-hearted and fun, with a Halloween theme.


Healthy ways to stimulate your mind

This unique edition of Mystify Your Mind is full of clever experiments, demonstrations and illusions that play clever mind games. In this edition, you will experience simple images that appear normal at first glance, but trip your mind to see that the image is not normal at all. Also, you will have a chance to try out an “Optical Illusion Maze”. The objective is to climb to the top without going up! CRAZY! This task will challenge your mind to twist away from of logic to achieve the task. There is also over 20 little brain teasers to challenge your mind to avert from thinking logically.

It is important for our mind to be stimulated, just as much as our body needs to have exercises. This edition will give you those vital mind exercises just to keep it active and stimulated, in a fun and clever way.