Mystify Your Mind Optical Illusion Books is an amazing collection of the very best optical illusions you will ever experience. This unique collection consists of five editions, each edition containing over 80 magical images that will trick your eyes and play games with your mind.

All five editions come in a nice presentation folder that has a pocket to keep the books together. All the pages are in colour in a fantasy theme, making the collection stimulating and magical. There are no boring grid/shape illusions in this book. Mystify Your Mind is full of fascinating images that will generate a lot of magical fun.

Find the Dog

Stare into the image of the Bride & Groom. Can you see the dog?  Only 10% of you will see the dog. I can assure you the dog is definitely there.

Can you see the young woman?

At first glance you see an old man, but if look carefully, what appears to be an old man is actually a young lady holding her baby and talking to her grandfather. What appears to be the old man’s hand is actually a dog sleeping.

The Strange Tower

This image of a tower is strange. If you look upon the top and the bottom of the tower, the building appears to be shown from two different perspectives. Run your eyes up and down the tower to see the effect.

Find the Ghost?

This illusion is amazing. Within this old picture of a family is a ghost. Can you see the ghostly image of an old man?

Mystify your Mind

The optical illusions in this collection have been carefully selected to make the book more fascinating. Each illusion has its own twist making the collection interesting and even educational. There are illusions that will move in front of your eyes as you move the book away. There are many magical puzzles where something will be staring at you, yet you can’t see it. Also there are amazing magical experiments, unusual tasks, and over 60 quirky facts that will definitely amuse you.

Mysterious Car

If you look at the car carefully, it appears to be driving sideways. The illusion will cause confusion as your mind tries to make sense of the correct perception.

Can you find the mistake?

Here are numbers 1 to 9. Can you find the mistake?  One in 9 people will see the mistake. It’s obvious when you find it.

Can you see the Cigar?

Believe it or not, within the brick wall, there is a cigar. Can you see it?

Magical Colours

This illusion is quite amazing. Believe it or not,  the blue at the top right corner, and the green at the bottom left, are identical in colour. The other colours are playing mind games with your eyes, creating this amazing illusion.

Magic Steps


Admittedly, there are many Optical Illusion books on the market, so you may be asking yourself what is so special about “Mystify your Mind” compared to the other optical illusion books.

It’s a fact, if you pick up any optical illusion book, you will find 25% of the images are repetitive, boring shapes on perception. Also most books use a full A4 page just for one optical illusion, so the thickness of a book may be deceiving you as to how many illusions you’re actually experiencing. 

MYSTIFY YOUR MIND is compact with the best optical illusions. There are over 400 illusions that will play tricks with your eyes and play games with your mind, giving you over 4 hours of magical fun. The book is very colourful; making the pages and illusions stimulating and attractive. As you open the binder, you’re drawn into a different world of the impossible. Nothing in this book is normal or logical. Every illusion has a magical twist that will give you joy, laughter and maybe a bit of frustration….but hey!…that is all part of the fun.

Can you find the Hidden Tiger?

Can you see the Hidden Tiger? A clue, it’s not in the trees.

The Hidden Skull

If you look at this image from a distance, you will see an illusion of a skull.

Inside out illusion

This illusion will really confuse your mind. The side of the building appears to be two different perspectives.

Woman into a Man

This is an illusion of a woman from a distance and a man close up.

This amazing collection of the very best of Optical Illusions comes in five editions that fit into a pocket binder. The books can be shared out to be enjoyed at the same time. This avoids the snatch and grab that can create unnecessary upsets.
Not only does Mystify your Mind have the most amazing illusions, but there are some fascinating experiments that will trick your mind with what appears to be a simple task. It’s fun and it will bring those fun laughter groans at the dinner table, after a home meal. Fun for all the family; it will give the kids a break from the iPad’s. Also in this amazing set are over 60 quirky facts dotted around the book to amuse you.