One thing I enjoy about my magic work is that I get the opportunity to experience events from different cultures. Asian events are amazing; colourful, huge and sometimes chaotic. Although I enjoy all events, it does make a nice change from the traditional events I do. I find the people are so warm, friendly and they make me feel very welcomed. Another thing I love about performing magic at Asian events, they make sre I’m well fed! The food is amazing and it really does test my taste buds with the traditional cuisine.

I’ve done quite a lot of Asian weddings; therefore I’ve enough experience to know how to approach these kinds of events. At other events, I have a successful strategy how to work the tables, regarding the timing of food being served and how to approach each table with the right manner. At Asian events, I have no strategy. I basically dive into the sea of tables and get around as many tables as I can. I need to feel my away around and go for the tables that are full. That way, I’m performing magic to more people! A traditional wedding have a tight schedule for me to work with, but at Asian Events, there is no schedule, therefore, I work until I drop and get around as many tables I can. As there are so many people, it is practically impossible to get to every table, unless you have a second magician. If you have the budget to hire another magician, I do have a list of magicians to accommodate to work with me.

The material I use is ideal for Asian Weddings. Also, I know that I need to be “on my toes” at Asian weddings, as the punters are more keen to “catch me out” than sitting back to enjoy the art of magic. Due to the experience I have of Asian events, no one catches me out. Therefore, I have the confidence to deliver top quality magic at your event. My material is ideal for adults and older children, and I assure you that your guests will be amazed!


I’m quite aware there are many young children at Asian events. Usually, there is a balloon modeller at the event keeping the kids occupied whilst I’m performing magic at the tables. Sometimes, there isn’t such a facility, and I therefore break away from the magic to make model balloons for the young ones. When I do balloon modelling at Asian events, there are so many children that can be a dog-eat-dog situation and a bit of snatching and tears can occur. To to avoid potential chaos, it would be advisable to have two adults to supervise the children as they wait for their balloon model. Let me stress, I only do “basic” balloon models, but adequate to turn over as many balloons as needed to keep the children happy.

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